Easter Egg Decorating

April 10, 2019
As a parent it feels like your kids go from being babies to young adults in the blink of an eye. My daughters are 10 and 12 years old so gone are the days of simply dipping eggs in colored water to decorate them and calling it a day! At their preteen age they are still excited to decorate Easter eggs, but the calibre of the final product has gone up. So, what does a busy, non-artistic mom do to fill this gap? I head to the internet! Not only can I find creative egg decorating ideas, I can find all the businesses I need to purchase the supplies. Win-win for me and my family. For inspiration, I searched “Easter egg decorating for adults” and found more ideas than I will ever need. My girls picked their favourites and we started searching for Saskatchewan businesses where I could buy the supplies. Mysask411 was the perfect place to find all the businesses I needed in one place!

1. Decorating with Paper (source: crayonsandcroissants.com)

Adding paper into the egg decorating mix provides a new texture to the traditional smooth finish of an egg. To find some really cool paper we could use in our decorating I searched Mysask411 for Arts & Craft Supplies and found a fun shop in Saskatoon called Soul Paper. This cool shop offers more paper selections than you can even imagine.

2. Decorating with Paint (source: apumpkinandaprincess.com)

Painted Easter Eggs
For our painted eggs, we wanted to ensure the paint we use to decorate is bright and vibrant. Knowing we needed to purchase a high-quality paint I headed to Hues Art Supply Ltd in Saskatoon. Not only could I pick up great paint, but also the brushes my girls need to create beautiful eggs.

3. Unicorn Eggs (source: redtedart.com)

Unicorn Easter Eggs
Almost every young girl I know is obsessed with unicorns these days. Finding the craft supplies we need to make these cute unicorn eggs was easy at Gale’s Florist in Regina. Gale’s has endless rows of beads, glitter, pens and paper to inspire many magical unicorn designs. Easter is right around the corner so if you haven’t already, now’s the time to start searching for fun decorating ideas and rounding up the supplies! Happy decorating! Sarah Elchuk is a member of the Revenue Growth Team at Directwest. Sarah has experience in Content, Sponsorship, Product Development, and Research & Strategy.