About Mysask411

Connecting consumers to the information they want and need, Mysask411 is your dependable, local source for everything Saskatchewan. From business and residential information to flights, movies, blogs, and more, Mysask411’s user-friendly features give you the tools to organize, plan and make your busy schedule more manageable.

Need a place to store quotes for your home renovation? Planning a movie night with the kids or a weekend getaway? Picking up an old friend at the Regina or Saskatoon airport? Mysask411 has you covered!

Always on the go? No sweat. The Mysask411 app goes where you do.

Whether you’re just visiting, or you call Saskatchewan home, find what you’re looking for when and where you need it most, on Mysask411.

Based in Regina, Mysask411 is owned and operated by Directwest, a digital advertising services company dedicated to helping Saskatchewan businesses thrive.

Did you know?

  • Mysask411 is updated every single day, so you can get the most accurate, up-to-date information about Saskatchewan businesses and people all in one place.
  • Being able to take private notes on businesses in Saskatchewan is just one more way that our users find Mysask411 unique. Think of it like a mash-up between a Saskatchewan version of Google and your Notes app. But without the hard-to-find notes or extra clutter.
  • Our movies section shows all available theatre info in Saskatchewan – so no matter if you are visiting Shaunavon, Yorkton, or Saskatoon, rest assured you are seeing the most complete theatre data available!
  • Mysask411 Blogs cover a wide range of topics. From the best outdoor patios, to top tobogganing spots and even how to cook a turkey, you will always find local, Saskatchewan content written by Saskatchewan people. You just can’t fake real local content!
  • We are always adding new features and functionality to Mysask411. Have a suggestion? We’d love to hear from you.