Fur Baby Fun

August 6, 2021

To say I am obsessed with my pets would be an understatement. Those who know me, know that my little dog Mike and my big dog Molly are full on family members!  Our little family consists of Chase, me (Jenna), Mike (age 3), and Molly (almost 2).

Jenna & Chase holding their 2 dogs

The battle of the dog parents. And yes, we’re wearing dog shirts…

I was the dog mom, who originally said, “pets sleep on a dog bed and people sleep in the big bed”. Well, that didn’t even last ONE day. We have a king-size bed and if I could upgrade to something larger, I would. Talk about a #dogparentfail. 

The day we got Mike, he was immediately invited to sleep in our bed and when we got Molly, we just couldn’t exclude her. They were both little puppies and they were soooo cute – and then there were two people, two dogs and 12 legs in the bed.

My dogs get all the usual things: family walks, birthday presents, vacations, Christmas presents and even trips to their Grandma’s house. Clearly, we love them and I think it goes without saying that I love to pamper and hang out with my fur kids.

Here are my favourite things to do with Mike and Molly.

1- Get outside:

We live outside the city and have the luxury of being close to White Butte trails. We do a lot of walking within our neighbourhood, but it’s a nice treat getting out to the trails.  Mike is all about the warm weather walks, where Molly is an all-season doggo.

Snowshoeing on White Butte Trails

Molly, Chase and I when we went snowshoeing for my birthday.

Mike and Molly love coming out to the lake. They get to roam free, run around naked (aka no collars) and run in and out of the water whenever they want. What isn’t there to love?

Paddleboarding with Mike the dog in La Ronge

Mike and I paddleboarding up in La Ronge.

2- Vacations:

Any vacation where I can take my dogs is always going to be a great vacation. Before we got Molly, we took Mike out to “Big Muddy”. Due to his build and lack of athletic ability, we bought a K9 sports sack. We strapped him to Chase’s back and up the mountain/hill we went.

Jenna and Chase at Big Muddy with Mike the dog

Chase, Mike and I having a picnic at the top of Big Muddy.

This summer, we took an extended weekend and went camping!  We went to Good Spirit Provincial Park and it was awesome for people with pets! There was a dog park and a special off-leash dog beach! It was +30 the weekend we were camping, and one afternoon we took our lawn chairs and bunkered down in the lake. It was awesome!

Here is a photo of Molly after she went swimming and proceeded to steal my lawn chair.

Molly the dog sitting a lawn chair

3- Presents:

Cowtown and Metro Pet Market are Mike and Molly’s fav stores! At our last visit to Metro Pet Market, I found this super awesome puzzle! The toy is called a “Dog Casino”. The name of the game is to line the bones up and open a drawer to reveal a treat.

Dog Casino Toy

4- Snuggles:

I like to start my day off with a coffee and a morning meditation. At night, I love to snuggle the dogs and read a book. We have two hammocks in our backyard and our dogs love to snuggle in them.

Jenna meditating

Yes, I promise that is my dog and not a rolled up towel.

Jenna and dogs in the hammock

Jenna, Mike and Molly reading in the hammock.

5- Get Creative:

Art is a big passion of mine and I found a fun way to integrate Mike and Molly! Who knew that with blobs of paint, cling wrap, peanut butter and my dogs that we could create such a unique piece!

*I have this masterpiece below hanging in my office.

There are no limits to ideas on how you can spend some time and hang out with your doggos.  I believe that it doesn’t matter what you do, you can always include your four-legged friends!  

-Jenna Gaube is a Marketing Manager with the Revenue Growth Team at Directwest.

Mike and Molly the dogs

Mike and Molly the dogs

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