Get a Piece of the Pie in Saskatchewan

March 9, 2022

March 14th is Pi Day, the fourteenth day of the third month, aligning with the mathematical pi equivalent 3.14. It’s a cute association, and good for a laugh, but am I the only one who experiences instant mouth-watering visions of my favourite actual pie when the day arrives?

Cherry pie with the pi simple made out of dough in the centre

I believe the opportunity for mathematicians and bakers to unite in joy has arrived. What Valentine’s Day is to chocolate, and Christmas is to candy canes, be it resolved that a new food holiday has been born. And well, holidays must be celebrated.

Here’s 8 local pie adventures to try if you’re on board with my thinking…

1- The Berry Barn

Try the iconic local pie, Saskatoon Berry Pie while overlooking the South Saskatchewan river just outside of Saskatoon.

2- Kneaded Gluten Free Bake Shop

Gluten free pie options by the slice or the whole pie, you can also find their pies at local restaurants including Crave Kitchen + Wine Bar and Luna in Regina.

3- Nelly’s West African Pies

African culturally flavoured beef and veggie pies made in Saskatoon and also available at local businesses such as Melfort’s Miller Market & Food Gallery and Saskatoon’s Safari Market.

4- Scratch Provisions

Personal sized New Zealand inspired meat and cheese pies made from scratch in Saskatoon with all local ingredients. They deliver on specific days so place a custom order or sign up for a pie SUBSCRIPTION, and let the pies come to you all year-round. You can also find their pies at the Saskatoon Farmer’s Market on the weekends, or at Christie’s Mayfair Bakery.

5- Harvest Pie Company

Frozen pies made from scratch in Weyburn and sold at businesses across South Saskatchewan such as Welsh Kitchen & Bakery in Weyburn and Moose Jaw’s Hub Meat Market. As a division of the Weyburn Wor-kin Shop, the sale of the products provides employment income for individuals with intellectual disabilities.

6- Chef Malcolm’s Handmade Pies

British Meat pies made in Regina and also available at local businesses such as Body Fuel Organics and Italian Star Deli. Watch their Facebook page for special fillings such as Bacon Cheeseburger and Steak and Guinness pie. 

7- Primal Pie

Handmade artisanal frozen take-n-bake Pizza Pie made in Regina and available at local businesses such as Lumsden’s Jerky Boy Meats and Local and Fresh in Regina.

8- Prairie Bee Meadery

For those that might prefer to drink their dessert, you can take a stop by this local wine store.  They sell Bandits Distilling’s Pecan Pie Moonshine and Apple Pie Moonshine from Last Mountain Distillery in addition to an endless variety of fruit wines to pair with your pastry.

So how will you celebrate Pi Day?  Four course pie-themed meal? Pies across the province?

Whole dessert pies and pie on plates

Wherever you get it, make sure you get your piece (or 3.14 pieces) of pie this year, cause they say there’s always room for pie.  After all, pi is infinite and in the true spirit of the holiday, perhaps pie should be too? 


Got a suggestion for a mouthwatering pie or pie place to try?  Let us know on Facebook or Twitter and we’ll add it to the list!

-Nova Alberts is a Marketing Manager on the Brand and Platform team at Directwest