Making the best of ALL that extra time!

May 28, 2020

COVID-19 has changed the way we do almost everything. It’s easy to focus on the negatives and what has been taken away from us – socializing in person, shopping for clothes in-store and working in the office.

But I’m guessing there have been some positive changes you’ve made to your life. Our staff have taken advantage of the extra downtime and we’ve changed/updated/completed tasks that wouldn’t have gotten done otherwise.


Activity completed: Redecorated our daughters’ bedroom

Why now?  Our 3-year-old daughter needed her room updated from a ‘nursery’ to a “little girl room” by painting, reorganizing and setting up new furniture. A task that would have taken much longer to do during our “normal” busy life.

How did Mysask411 help?  We used Mysask411 to find the closest paint stores in our area as well as their hours of operation.

Updated Child's Room


Activity completed: A lot of little home updates! The most notable would be all the painting we’ve done.

Why now? Painting is messy and requires time and patience. We found ourselves with quite a bit of extra time on the weekends and evenings, so we thought why not?

How did Mysask411 help? We got a quote for painting our kitchen cabinets from L J Woodley Painting & Decorating Ltd, who I found on Mysask411.


Activity completed: I was able to get the spring cleaning of my house and yard done a lot faster than I normally would have been able to.

Why now? The reduced travel time to and from work, the ability to get stuff done around the house/yard on my lunch breaks, etc.

How did Mysask411 help? I used Mysask411 to search for window cleaners and gutter cleaners.

Clean interior room in a house


Activity completed: I’ve managed to landscape the yard, finished painting my main floor (including the dreaded stairwell) and have now deep cleaned every room in my house.

Why now? Working from home has given me so much more time back in my day.

How did Mysask411 help? They helped by allowing me to keep working while I took advantage of food delivery options.


Activity completed: I switched pharmacies to locally owned.

Why now? I wanted to support local now more than before (didn’t want to give up shopping points). Received more personal and exceptional service which is well worth giving up the points for.

How did Mysask411 help? Moving to a different pharmacy was a personal recommendation so I used Mysask411 to search their phone number and full address.


Activity completed: Paved a patio in our backyard and a walkway beside the house.

Why now? Didn’t have the time to prep the ground or call around for quotes before. Also, self-isolating at home gave me the chance to see what needed to be upgraded in our home.

How did Mysask411 help? Searched for concrete contractors and visiting their website through the platform.

Outside patio renovation

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Sarah Elchuk is the Content Manager at Directwest.