Mother Nature’s Gym – Explore SK’s Great Outdoors

April 14, 2021

It feels as though we are officially done with Winter, finally! The warmer weather makes it easier to get outside; no more bulky boots, ski-pants or the struggle of getting thumbs in the right hole (if you’ve dressed an infant or toddler for a snowy excursion you know what I mean!). Not only can you get out the door faster, the great outdoors is Mother Nature’s gym. In 2020 we witnessed an explosion of fitness TV and apps, making it easier to stay active and maintain or reach your goals from the comfort of home. Now, you can take your exercise on the road, literally, and soak in the vitamin D while you’re at it. Here’s a look at a few of the trending outdoor activities in 2021!

Solo Adventures

Individual activities such as hiking, cycling, bouldering (this one is a little tougher in SK), running, walking – activities that are not new, but highly accessible are becoming more and more popular. Alone or in small groups (pandemic allowing), these activities are great exercise and afford you the benefit of a workout while enjoying all the natural beauty our province has to offer.

Scenic view of Cranberry Flats


Not knowing when destination travel will once again become mainstream, camping is going to be part of many vacation plans this spring and summer. Spending a few nights in a new environment, even close to home, has added appeal this year for adventure seekers and travel enthusiasts who haven’t been able to plan their usual trips. Already thinking about camping? Find or update your gear at a local outfitter and book your site early at one of SK’s great regional and provincial parks.

Campfire with tent and chairs in the background

Virtual Races

If you’re a runner, or thinking about getting into running, virtual races has never made it easier to take part in races. With no designated start times, marked start and finish areas and no specified routes, you can run wherever and whenever it works best for you. This spring you can take part in the Gopher Attack Marathon until April 18 and the Saskatchewan Marathon can be run anytime between May 28 and June 28.

Person sitting while tying running shoe laces.

The opportunities for activity and exploration in our province are endless. However you choose to take it all in, you can’t beat being active in the great outdoors!

-Paige Sandvold is the Content Manager on the Brand and Digital Platform Team