Only in Saskatchewan

October 25, 2022

When winter approaches, outsiders and even some Saskatchewanians ask themselves ‘why?’. Why do we endure the harsh cold? Why do we shovel all the snow? Why don’t we live somewhere warmer? The answer is simple. We endure the cold, shovel the snow, and stay put because Saskatchewan is unique, it’s friendly, it has some of the best sunrises and sunsets you will ever see and just like every place, there are things here that you might never experience anywhere else…

Only in Saskatchewan… do people wear BUNNYHUGS. What’s a bunnyhug? Outside of Saskatchewan, bunnyhugs are commonly referred to as hoodies. If you’ve heard the term bunnyhug outside Saskatchewan borders you can almost guarantee it came from a born and raised Saskatchewanian.

Only in Saskatchewan… do you have to wear a winter coat in the morning and a summer dress in the afternoon. Most current and former Saskatchewan residents can attest to having experienced all four seasons in one day at least once!

Only in Saskatchewan… do people wear watermelons on their heads! Here’s looking at you Rider Fans!

Only in Saskatchewan… can you drive thru to get a plate full of Baba’s Homestyle Perogies, cabbage rolls and sausage. 

Only in Saskatchewan… can you visit the RCMP Heritage Centre.

RCMP Heritage Centre Regina SK

Only in Saskatchewan… can you float in Canada’s Dead Sea. Little Lake Manitou at Manitou Beach has water so mineral dense that swimmers can effortlessly float on the surface of the water.

Only in Saskatchewan… can you watch wheat fields blowing in the wind mimicking waves in the sea.

Only in Saskatchewan… do you get Sask-style pizza. Loaded with toppings and cut into squares!

Only in Saskatchewan… can you watch your dog run away for a week! OK, this is a bit of a stretch, but Saskatchewan is flat for miles around in some areas with very little to obstruct your view.

Only in Saskatchewan… can your whole family get front row lawn chairs to wave at Santa. If you’ve got young kids, or you just have big love for Christmas, getting to be curbside is pretty cool.

Santa Clause Parade

Only in Saskatchewan… can you find the world’s largest paperclip. Not only is the paperclip unique, it’s a pretty interesting story too!

Only in Saskatchewan… can you drive through 3 feet of snow in -40 and not meet a snowplow! They’ll get out there eventually, but this isn’t our first rodeo, Saskatchewanians know how to conquer the road and weather a storm, literally.

Only in Saskatchewan… do you wave to every driver you meet on a grid road. Hand position is not 10 and 2, it’s 9 and 12 so you’re always ready for the next hello finger lift.

Only in Saskatchewan… do you find tasty gems like a Bannock Bison Burger on your supper menu.

Only in Saskatchewan… can someone from Prince Albert say, “That was a poor deadly game the Riders didn’t play last night” and have everyone understand and agree that it was an awesome game they played! Hey, every place has their own quirks…

Whether you were born here, lived here for a short or long period of time or are a current resident of Saskatchewan, you can probably relate to most, if not all, of this list. From the outside looking in, it can look wild and weird but on the inside, it’s wild and weird and wonderful.

Once you call Saskatchewan home, it is a part of you forever.

-Paige Sandvold is the Content Manager on the Brand and Digital Platforms Team at Directwest.

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