Scoop there it is!

July 8, 2021

When it’s hot, nothing hits the spot like a cool sweet treat and Saskatchewan’s shops have a knack for turning ice cream into art.

Here are a few special ice cream spots to hit up this summer that offer more than your average ice cream cone.  Full warning: reading this blog may result in a mouth-watering urge for a sugar rush.

1- Elle’s café

  • Regina, SK
  • Facebook – @ellescafe13
  • The latest ice cream darling on Regina’s scene, the line ups go for blocks on most days.  Their cotton candy ice cream mash-up is taking the town by storm.
Elle's Cafe Regina

2- Dessart Sweets

  • Regina, SK
  • Facebook – @DessartSweets
  • Just down the street from Elle’s you’ll find Dessart which offers some of the most unique ice cream flavours around including Dill Pickle and Chipotle Chile. They also offer oat-based vegan soft serve for those looking for dairy alternatives.

3- Gitko Beach Store

  • Good Spirit Lake, SK
  • This beachside stand makes the cut for its a unique twist on the double scoop. Betcha can’t eat just one.
Gitko Beach Store double Scoop ice cream

4- Scoops

  • Yorkton, SK
  • Facebook – @ydbscoops
  • Their menu screams intrigue with fun names like the Emoji and Mr. Scoopy, but it’s the Canadian specialty sundae with maple syrup, bacon bits and hot caramel that earns its place on this list. You had us at bacon.

5- Homestead Ice cream

  • Saskatoon, SK
  • Facebook – @HomesteadIceCream
  • Ice cream sandwiches, but on your choice of cookie – oatmeal, chocolate chunk, peanut butter, white chocolate macadamia nut. Milk might have a new favourite cookie treat.

6- Street Treats

  • Lumsden, SK
  • Facebook – @Streettreatslumsden
  • This shop turns out new delicacies all the time so you’re sure to find something unexpected on the menu.  This year on Father’s Day, they introduced the Campfire Waffle bowl, a cold take on classic s’more flavours.
Street Treats Campfire Waffle Bowl

Turns out ice cream shops are excellent at keeping their specials updated on their social media pages. So if you’re looking for the non-traditional menu item, keep an eye on those and you’ll be among the first to know what’s on offer.

Got a favourite stop with a unique creation?  Let us know on Facebook or Twitter so we can help spread the word!