My Notes & Collections

May 1, 2019

Now you can easily capture your private notes, estimates, who you spoke to, fav menu items, or anything else you want to remember about Saskatchewan businesses using the My Notes features.

Mysask411 Roto-Rooter Business profile with map of location, business description and highlighted section of My Notes.

Add a Note

To add your note to a business, make sure you are logged in and click on the pen and paper icon near the business name, simply click into the notes section on the business’s page.

Mysask411 search results for plumbers in Saskatoon with purple note taking icon highlighted to indicate My Notes feature.

Add Your Note to a Collection

Use Collections to organize and group your notes in a way that is meaningful to you. Save to a suggested Collection, or create your own.

Mysask411 pop-up window of suggested collections users can make such as contractor quotes.

Find Your Notes

Your notes about a business will be displayed on that business’s page (for only you to see). Or all of your notes can be viewed directly from your account section.

Mysask411 Deidre persona account profile with My Notes section highlighted displaying notes taken on different businesses.

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